Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Summer Soliloquy

Back to school, work, and days of staring at Matlab.

All is green here, the summer breeze graces the land. The nights are not as stuffy, but it is definitely lonelier without dear family around.

Saw a friend's posting about being excited for her interview. I mean, that's great, but after my short trip I remain undecided over my future plans. It is where my friends and family and people I care about are. But then, I might just be looking through the rose-tinted glasses of being on holiday. The trip home was a good nostalgic grand tour, but it also awoken me to the harsh reality of how things have changed since I left five years ago.

I might take a wildcard product design and business development class to seek some new experiences next year. But it can still be changed, but for now I am of the opinion that the experience is worth the trouble. Maybe it was the influence of my friends, that I am also seeking new experiences other than my experimental fluid mechanics games. We are also starting up a new project soon, so I would have to take that into account.

I have been trying to sleep early for my health, but we'll see if I can keep this schedule during the school year. The new rubber pillows definitely helps though!

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