Sunday, July 16, 2017

Midsummer Night Ranting

2017 has seen the revival of this blog, partly because I found out how easy it is to write a short post on my phone. I have no idea who else reads these other than me because I don't promote my posts anymore on FB, so there's a certain level of anonymity which permits more truthful writing.

Since coming back from my short excursion I have had a few realizations. Sure, working in the big US is glamour, but can't beat being able to see your family on the weekends, or even every day. Some of our folks over here don't even go back for years, I wonder how they stand with it. Also, some of my friends back home are working, directly or indirectly on some of the biggest mega projects in the country which impacts almost everyone. Talk about having an impact with your work - at least I am doing some research that *should* benefit everyone in the world. If you work for a company that only benefits the rich and further marginalize the poor, would be hard to get me excited.

But the position I'm currently having is probably being coveted by at least 100 other people in the world and they would just end their current careers if offered the opportunity. It is not a trivial job indeed. Anything I do discover in the end is gonna make some good impact on the future. And companies that marginalized the poor, that's what capitalism is all about, and that's how they recruit the "best and brightest" and somehow that probably means me as well.

Maybe this place is just so oxymoronic like that, a place that is able to paint a rooster blue and call it art. Yeah, just like that.

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