Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Third post of the month, fuck yeah.

On the other side of the Internet I have just sheepishly announced that I have completed a 50-mile bike ride (that's 80km for you people in the rest of the world). They say that people who post their fitness activity on FB are crazy, so guess what that's me.

But truthfully, biking is already my thing for as long as I can remember. And being in the bicycle capital of Minneapolis, I find myself on miles and miles of trails, pushing my bike and myself to the limits, seeing how far can I go from the city (and also make it back). 50-mile bike rides are the limit for me right now, but that is way beyond what I expected from myself long ago. The longest ride I've been so far was a trip to a quaint little town called Stillwater, 25 miles out west and half an hour by car. I make that trip once a year since 2015, and #stillwater2k17 is actually scheduled for this Sunday, weather permitting.

Research is hard, and I have not found my limit break just yet. There is a certain barrier, similar to what I experienced with Add Maths in 2008, that is preventing me from reading between the equations to see the beauty underneath, or even to just use said equations correctly. I don't know what it is, but I know it's there. And this is also the challenge I have to overcome if I aspire to be part of the academic intellectuals of fluid dynamics, heat and mass transfer. It's very taxing on the mind, and peer pressure and imposter syndrome does not help one bit. But with my dogged determinations I will persevere, just like I always did in facing challenges past.

There is at least one more soul out here recently on the wasteland of Blogspot, and yes I follow all your blogs if you have one. While I know all is well and success stories are aplenty for you on the other side of the Internet, to hear good thoughts on this end as well is very comforting. We all want to present our best sides to impress strangers and not to make our friends worry, but sometimes we build up facades that are too elaborate and exhausting to keep up.

It's the latter half of July 2017, and all I wish is to make good on my promise to myself - to do my best, but also to treat myself better. Trudging through the murky abyss of research, and remembering to periodically look up to the brilliant sunshine and surrender myself to the invincible summer - the season of comfy shorts, fast rides, cool dips in the lakes; scenic hikes, shaved ice, lying down under starry skies.

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