Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Didn't Take Long

... for me to yet stumble upon another encroachment by the tentacles of technology. The tentacles have went right into our wallets.

Give me a large image banner that says Prime Student Free Trial, and a big yellow button that says Get Started; one click, and my card is charged $49. What were the fine print? Does it even matter? There is not even a purchase confirmation for the transaction, just a stealthy 'yay! You are now prime stud' and a quiet charge on your bank account. I am so done with Amazon, the account is going to be closed right after all my righteous monies are refunded.

Consumer protection on the Internet needs some law, like requiring the purchase confirmation page for all transactions, or requiring you to key in your secret password or three numbers on the back of your card. Most websites do have that system, with the popular exception of the one-click order and apparently now, one-click membership. I am so pissed at you right now Amazon, you have lost a customer today and have gained an opponent out to destroy your one-click purchase button. Take note, and beware.

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