Friday, June 23, 2017

On this day

Almost 10 years on Facebook, and the most useful feature so far they can give me is the "On this day" function. I wait for the clock to strike midnight everyday just for the sake of viewing what I did on this day, one year ago, two years ago,...

However, as I said my Facebook only goes back to 2010 at most, when I actually started using it. The days before 2010 are a black hole of time, an insurmountable darkness of hazy memories of my high school life (not that it was horrible, but I just can't remember anything apart from family trips). That is, until I found my journals from 2006 through 2010, in my old bedroom, hidden inside a cupboard from prying eyes.

These journals are national treasure to me, the most important written records of my high school existence. For some time even I religiously wrote in every day, so I can actually do an "on this day" on some years like 2007. Looking back 10 years ago I was infinitely more carefree and hopeful, the issues of those days being nothing else other than games, classes, crushes. My brother asked if I want it disposed, but I'm just glad those journals lasted so long. Reading those journals bring me back to a time, where I can smell the dampness of a sweaty secondary school, listen to voices of people I haven't met in years (almost a decade for some), and relieve my state of mind back then, a cheerful and optimistic 15-year-old.

Further back, I once had a comic series that I drew for my primary school classmates and siblings that went from 2003 through 2006. It's not a true journal per se, but the stuff I've drawn in reflected my experiences​ during that time, as well as the general Zeitgeist of those bygone days. Most importantly, 2003 is the last year I lived in my hometown of Kerteh, and reading those comics brought me back to the days where me and my family lived in a big house by the South China Sea. Beyond that, I would have to rely on memories and family picture albums, which is kind of a luxury when you live reallllllly far away from your parents' house.

This blog goes way back to 2008, and likewise I have no intention of removing anything I wrote since the early days of this blog. If you would like to be amused, it's all yours to read.

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