Friday, June 30, 2017

Nostalgia Grand Tour Pt.2

Managed to request for a picture this time, of friends that we never met for 7 years, or more.

What's special is that we were all in the same class in the first year of middle school, in 2005. It was a new environment, exposed to new things and making new friends which happens to be each other. Together we talked about PS1 games and soccer, among other things that are of utmost concern to the 13 year old kids at that time. But because of the school system, classes get rearranged every year and we did not get to be in the same class for the whole 5 years of secondary school. Nevertheless we managed conversation quite easily, and I revel in the sense of familiarity that was created through our banter.

One of them is my anime grandmaster, and the one who made me watch anime in the first place. For better or for worse anime kinda defined my school life from 15 yo through completion of A-levels (made obvious by my anime blog posts of old). Naturally much time was spent on discussing the anime shows of new and old, using it as a medium to transport ourselves back in time to the days where all we cared about is what's going to happen in the next episode of Shakugan no Shana.

We also used to talk about many other things, such as games and culture and life. However we lost touch over the years after graduation happened, despite being such close friends throughout school life. That is why I am so glad to see him, we haven't met for the past 7 years, and I have not heard from him until recently. I can only wish you good health and smooth sailing, and I am also at peace knowing that you are doing well.

Among this gang there is also a budding businessman and also a piano maestro trapped in the shell of an accountant right now, which means that they are also heavily busy wading through their lives and I greatly appreciate them making time to meet a fellow former classmate and friend who is climbing the formidable mountain of the PhD. I can only wish them the best of chances and the strength to push on when the eventual challenge arrives, for it would only make the victory much sweeter.

To all the other people whom I've crossed paths with in life and haven't had the chance to rejoin this time, I am deeply regretful and I do hope that somewhere in the unpredictable future, we have the chance to meet up once again and support each other on this journey. From this tour I realized that I am in fact blessed to have so many true friends, and for that I can only thank you from the bottom of my heart.

"If you get stuck in the memories of those times, you won't be able to appreciate all the fun that's happening right now. So don't be thinking "that time was fun", because you should be thinking "that time was also fun" ... Being able to find the fun that's happening right now, is the best way to enjoy the present."

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