Thursday, March 16, 2017

All I ask

One way to know that you have truly changed, is by re-watching a show from 5 years ago, but evoking a completely different feeling this time round. (Warning: Steins;Gate spoiler ahead)

5 years ago, never experiencing true love, I allowed the impact of this scene to fly over my head. But now, after having been through heart wrenching goodbyes at train stations, at airports; now I fully understand the pain of the departure of one's true love. The boulder residing in your chest, the tears struggling to break free, the urge to hold each other a little longer, even if only for a minute...

"Whenever you're sitting around in the lab, 
Whenever you're drinking our favorite drink,
Whenever you take a walk around town,
Whenever you kiss someone someday...
It doesn't have to be every time.
Once in a hundred times is fine.
All I ask is that you remember me,
Because I'll be there...
I'll always be there, beyond the 1% barrier..."

I'll be hugging my sunshine a little tighter tonight.