Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Twilight at the end of the world


Catching up with friends is hard now. Facebook nowadays are all news and more news. About the NK assassination, about the Clementines in Chief. Once in a blue moon I get to read some friend's self-boasting post about his or her career accomplishment, then it's back to clickbait, upworthy, "sponsored" posts. 

Ok, maybe I can try Instagram, at least there is less "sponsored" stuff there. Ok, vacation pics, cool, nice bikini. Or dogs. Or the picture of random stuff you took in a cafe and called it rustic. No, I wanna know what you're up to, what you're thinking and if you're having the same thoughts as me being 90s kids trying to be adults. 

Then I explore the ruins of what was once our playpen, where we divulge our true and raw feelings - the blogspot. The blog update bars is left frozen in time - "last updated, five years ago" - now that's prehistoric shit right there. Combing through past posts, we were all young once, blissfully enjoying one another's presence, although we did not realize it then. 

Whelp, I have now lost all hopes of reconnecting to you, and we will be stranger and further apart until the day we die. Unless, unless... If I talk to you, face to face?!?!?!? 

What a magnificent comeback! After 10 years of technology, the best way, no, the only way to reach someone is to fucking talk! Ladies and gentlemen, I hereby proudly announce that we have gone full circle. 

p.s. I am going to post rants like this here from now on, if stuff like this is to your fancy (or you have the same reasons as mentioned before for stalking my blogspot, creep.) Of course, if you wanna talk, I'm all ears. Anytime. 

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