Thursday, January 19, 2017

"I love traveling!"

Well who the fuck doesn't, ya special snowflake.

Actually though, nowadays I do get tired thinking of planning a trip. Gone were the undergrad days when I'm actively planning my next getaway the next school break comes. It's not a money problem, but more of not wanting to move my butt.

Maybe I visited all the places I wanted to visit in the US. The Pacific Northwest was my last trip, and back in the days I frequented the Southwest enough - visited LA thrice, SF twice, did all the touristy things you can think of. New York? One-of-a-kind but God it was such a busy place. I have no interest in Disney world either, so that kinda strike out Florida.

Maybe there are a couple spots. My last visit to the Grand Canyon was too brief to do its grandeur justice, so another trip would not be bad at all. Yellowstone is another potential spot, although the timing has to be good to avoid crowds. Closer to home, a canoeing trip at the Apostle Islands or a biking trip up North doesn't sound too bad in the summer.

But then you have to rent the car and book a hotel and plan your trip and how do you get your bike there or what are the places you wanna go did I miss a famous spot what if the hotels are booked out shits getting kinda expensive and I can only take a few days off is it legal to sleep in cars why am I still paying the fucking underage driving surchage?!

It does take a certain kind of determination to "love travelling". For now, maybe I'll just stick with the staycation option, thank you very much.

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