Thursday, August 8, 2013

Wake me up when summer ends

It's kinda unbelievable that in the course of a few years, Facebook has literally replaced every other thing on Earth. Messaging friends, posting snippets of thoughts a.k.a. 'status updates', uploading pictures (although the resolution kinda sucks), not to mention many other portions of the Internet. We are actually good to go if the Internet consists of Facebook alone and no other website. However, the quick and easy status updates of Facebook can never replace the organized, well-thought-out and literary aspects of blogging.

And yeah, so. Here I am.

Summer 2013 is coming to an end swifter than I knew it. Being at work, it splits your sense of time up into chunks of weeks, with every weekend at work feeling like every evening when you're in college. Time has sped up 7 times for me this summer.

Yet, it has also been a largely fruitful summer. My interning in Malaysia this summer brought me lots of experience working in industry, experience with actual aerospace designing tools, and stress analysis applying the exact methods and formulas I learnt and brushed off after the finals in college. By far I enjoyed learning CAD (computer aided design) the most, although I am as of now kinda sick of the blue background of CATIA after facing it for the 5th week in a row. Here's a screenshot of CATIA, with an imaginary canoe turned light airplane.

While I'm here slaving over Flabels and CATIA though, the awesome people in my solar car team finished our 11th solar car - Daedalus! I was there for the most part of the shell building, but the mechanical innards of this pearly white beauty was largely built in the summer. Over the course of one year, we progressed from designing, to analysing parts, to actually building this guy. Looking back, it was one hell of a crazy ride - but the craziest is still yet to come. Isn't she a beauty? :D

To be honest, I wished with every single bone of my existence to join them in their building of the car parts - the rollcage, the chassis, everything. Seeing the car completed is so relieving, as it is also heartening. One of the times where I curse the planet for being a little too big and the planes for being too slow and too expensive. 

Oh well, what's done is done, and I really hope that this guy gets to Australia in one piece! Wish us luck for the race too! 

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