Saturday, August 17, 2013

Full Steam

Summer has come to pass. My internship here has also ended, amidst the chaos of the still-ongoing project and the warmth of the colleagues I've had. Nevertheless, the long nights are coming and there's no other way but to charge full steam ahead. 

Things to do while still in Malaysia:
  • Get textbooks 
  • Read up (even a little bit) about upcoming courses
    - AEM3031 Ch 1 & 2
  • Email lecturers about absence and ask for advice (4 classes) 
  • Prepare PTC co-op cover letter
  • Get Go-to pass 
  • Get phone number sorted out
  • Prepare for departure
  • Keep finding hotels for WSC
Things to do while preparing for WSC
  • Help out with packing, logistics, lodging plannings
  • CSE Career Fair 2013 - Target company : PTC Co-op (bro make sure you are prepared by then!)
  • Study study study
Things to do after WSC (Fall 2013)
  • Get a job that hopefully lasts through winter break - PTC Co-op > University jobs > Nova (last) 
  • Study study study, make up for lost time
  • Apply for JPL internship
  • Starting to do new solar car design 
  • USLI 2013-2014
Spring 2014
  • Keep working, you have no money
  • Summer intern targets : PTC, ANSYS, Spirit Aerosystems, Cirrus Design
  • USLI Rocket Competitions 
  • SVP Solar Car Design and Analysis, summer races
  • Find professors to do (part-time) summer research help
Summer 2014
  • Internships if available
  • SVP ASC & FSGP 2014
  • Work
  • Unpaid summer research

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