Sunday, June 16, 2013


Picture featured is the new Airbus A350-XWB taking off in its first flight last Friday, in France. 

Just ended my third week interning at Strand Aerospace Malaysia, and it has been an enjoyable learning experience so far. 

As the all-i-can-do-i'll-do intern, I have been given tasks ranging from quality management to sitting in workshops with recent graduates to learn how to be a stress engineer. What that was most surprising to me is the amount of detail that goes to every work done in the company. Sure, it's aerospace, but the amount of detail that goes into writing stress dossiers, working with civil aviation, even running a company take lots of planning and strategizing.

Strand has also sparked in me a modest interest in civil aviation aircraft - namely the two giants: Airbus, Boeing and their range of products. A lot of engineers, working in the background, is essential for the design, to manufacturing, to selling, to certifying the aircraft before it can take you to the skies. Still in my opinion, space exploration is what we need to do, and small, civil general aviation aircraft (hooked on them during semester 2) are goddamn sexy.

Sometimes it's pretty fun seeing where I came from. From the dreamy small town of Kerteh, Terengganu (albeit with a huge oil refinery and one of the most well-equipped small-town airports in the world), to this industrial suburb of Balakong and studying in Kajang, then towards A-Levels in the heart of the capital, then to the University of Minnesota, MN USA. Doing A-Levels I began to rekindle my interest in space exploration, and in Minnesota exposure to real engineering got me hooked too, and in my job now the applications of what I've learnt in school is immeasurable.

But still I'm learning, and growing to become a good engineer. :)

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