Friday, January 18, 2013

My SolarCar Romance

Track No.1 – Foam Gets In Your Eyes



Life in the Solar Vehicle Project shop – there’s always something to do. Right now, we’re in Stage 1 of building a solar car, which is making the molds to make the solar car body. Yeap, these aren’t parts of the solar car, just the base. Sometimes, in the middle of all these chaos, we wonder if we’re even building a solar car lol.

Solar Car guys have the chance to learn all about the mighty Creo, which inscribes all the essential proportions and designs of the solar car we’d always dream of. People in the Aero Team learn to use all sorts of glue, glue and more glue – most of them courtesy of the almighty gluemaker 3M. Really, you have no idea how many more sorts of glue are out there in the world. And of course machining is a big part of building a solar car, something I’m glad to experience and would like to do more practice on!

So take a tour of the SVP folks’ crib, and like us on Facebook! We’ll bring you more updates on D1 as the year progresses, hopefully in time for WSC 2013!



  1. Suddenly I'm enlighten as to where the Chrono from your name came from lol.