Monday, December 10, 2012

White Christmas

First snowstorm experience! They predicted 6-8 inches of snow, maybe even more! Winter was gloomy without the snow, but now it's all white and bright!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Brace Yourself

Or rather, is already here. The first Twin Cities blizzard warning, 12-20 cm of snow... is going to be an exciting weekend!

Which is not very exciting at all, for it signals finals week. I have three papers total, not too bad compared to some of my peers who have an average on 4-5 papers. I will be done with my papers by Saturday the 16th, which leads to...

... the long awaited winter break! This winter break, I'll be split in between work, club, travel and some reading time =) The Solar Vehicle Project will be doing some solar car milling up at Duluth in a Cirrus Aircraft facility, and I am very looking forward to that! Duluth aside, Wausau, Wisconsin will be my very first overnight interstate visit, with a friend of mine who wanted to bring me skiing up Granite Peak. Books I accumulated over the semester are itching for me to gobble them up, which actually prompted me to get a bookcase for my ever increasing bibiliophilia. My job in the Nova Lab will most probably take up the remaining of my time not spent on club and travelling, hoping to offset some of the expenses accumulated during the break!

The semester is coming to an end... my first semester at the University of Minnesota! A reflection of the semester will be up after finals!