Thursday, November 22, 2012

Chariots of Fire

A recent fascination with solar cars - thanks to my group, the University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project.
They have their own Wiki page - check them out!

Solar cars are the epitome of green energy and engineering, harnessing the unlimited energy from the Sun, and with its sleek sexy aerodynamic body can speed up to speeds of 100 kilometres per hour. The two super races of the year in the solar car world is the American Solar Challenge and the World Solar Challenge. Pic featured is the group's 10th solar car, Centaurus III in the ASC 2012, and fully made by students!

That being said, it is a steep curve learning the ropes of the solar car business, and long hours of commitments are expected if you are to join the team. Nevertheless the rewards of the efforts are limitless - you get to learn and practice engineering skills such as CAD, milling and machining; you get to interact with many companies and parties that might be your future workplace, an awesome company of solar car enthusiasts, and most of all you're building a freaking car! A solar car!

Our current project is named D1 (I don't know what D is yet), a four-wheeled two-seater which is the UMNSVP's entry for the WSC 2013 in Darwin, Australia. Looking forward to more!