Sunday, October 21, 2012

Words that rhyme

Words that rhyme, and words that don’t
Under the hands of a skillful wielder, they shine
Not just in meaning, but also in mesmerizing
Many men of his time, and many more ever since

Articles, journals give you insight and knowledge
Books take you on journeys to another world
But they pale in comparison to the poem
For it brings you right into the heartbeats of the author

Commas, semicolons; periods. Exclamation!
Your breath goes in tandem with that of the author
Words shine under the hands of a good writer
But in a brilliant poem – they sparkle

Like the sky full of stars reaching into infinity
Alas, they are unattainable – at least, for me
And I can only wonder, at the marvelous beauty
Of the dancing words in a song without melodies.