Thursday, September 27, 2012

Read this in November.

27th November 2012, Minneapolis 

I am in the Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics degree program. My courseload consists of basic engineering, thrown in with a few of the major-specific AEM course. Many projects related to engineering and aerospace are coming my way, and I look forward to them!

The University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project is in full gear now, we have to complete Delphinus 1 and ship it in time to Australia for ASC2013. I am in the aerodynamics team, taking part in moulding the body, fairings and other components. Learnt a lot from this group, Creo engineering modelling, mechanical and technical engineering stuff, and how to build a solar car - isn't that just cool? :D

Tesla Works, the innovative project based student group. We have just completed a Rocket Glider project, although the parachute did not deploy properly and our camera was unusable already, the memory card contained data and we were able to record aerial imagery of Minneapolis and St.Paul. All thanks to team members for the hard work and Prof. Flaten for his guidance!

'Neutrinos' is the buzzword right now, at least in the super busy laboratories at the NOvA Experiment, where I work as a student assistant. It is really fun to contribute to the forefront of what they call 'intensity frontiers', where high energies are employed to study the behaviours of these pesky particles.

Plans are also in the drawing board for me to establish a Stargazer Society-ish UMN Astronomy Club in the spring. We will hijack the public info sessions and make it our own, go on trips to Onan and Cherry Grove, set up telescopes by the road on every other Saturday nights for the drunk to see the moon lol. Dave is already pushing me to finish the paperwork as fast as possible, but I cannot lose sight on the midterms too!

Last but not least, I signed up for continuing karate classes at the Midwest Karate Association at downtown Minneapolis. At 80 bucks per month it's pretty steep, but one does not simply pass up a chance to learn from the top karate instructor in the United States, Sensei Fusaro! Looking forward to continuing the punches and kicks next semester.

To me a few months later,

This will be your schedule. You are at the crossroads of many exciting and wonderful opportunities, make sure that the chances you get do not go into waste. While you're here at the U of M in the metropolis of the Twin Cities, be sure to grab what you can take, but not too much, but not too little either. Work hard, study smart, play hard, make friends, have fun - but most importantly, learn, learn, learn!

For you should always live by this epic Chinese proverb -


27th September 2012

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