Friday, July 13, 2012


Once upon a time when my world is falling
You were there to guide me, shining
I basked in your warm hugs, melting
And you were always there, smiling

 Little did I knew that your smile was hiding
A rift in your soul that badly needs mending
Yet I still trod on it, thinking
 That you will always be there, brightly shining.

 Yet with your warm glow you succeeded in changing
A stone cold potato into one golden, browning
I found refuge in you, but I fail for not noticing
That deep inside you your heart is crying.

Dear Joy,

 If there is one word to describe you, it would be 'amazing'
You are the most courageous girl the world has ever seen
A valiant knight who fought through the darkness
With the light of His glory, you are brightly shining-

 I will miss your warmth as we bid our partings
But I will be contented just to see you smiling
Fight on, my girl, for what you believe in,
 And may our paths meet again in life's many crossings.

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