Monday, July 16, 2012

Astronomy On The Rise

333371_10151027224084800_577645380_o Since the inception of the Stargazer Society in  MCKL, I have been looking around and noticed that the people’s awareness and interest in astronomy has been increasing. (Or it’s just me who didn’t realise that all the while?) HELP has their own astronomy club now, as well as INTI Subang. Kajang and Klang enthusiasts has been conducting their own stargazing sessions too! Despite the fact that Penang Astronomy Convention last year had its lowest turnout and was scrapped this year, the momentum is building up, thanks to social media such as Facebook which has really helped connect astronomy enthusiasts from all around Malaysia and even within the city, which can be so large that you barely know your neighbours!

And now, to another astronomy club which is on the rise – the Yu Hua Astronomy Club!


The Yu Hua Astronomy Club has been established quite some time ago, I once was their member back in 2006 but the club has been lying dormant all the while. Until now!  Simpson and I decided to pay a visit and Simpson to guide and advise them on their future activities, as full-fledged amateur astronomers!

The attendance was shocking! Well, it’s Yu Hua, a humongous school of 5000 people. First, we introduced them to the Universe, focusing on our home, the Solar System. It was a quick and easy presentation, followed by a game which involved 10 people standing in one line to demonstrate the scale of the Solar System!


THE TRUE SCALE OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM : (pic captions are from upper left to right, then bottom left to right)

  1. From the edge of the Solar System! Here’s Pluto in yellow. You can see Neptune in the distance!
  2. The last of the icy giants Neptune! You can see Uranus in the distance.
  3. the icy giant Uranus! You can see Saturn in the distance.
  4. The beautiful planet Saturn! ;) You can already see Jupiter not far away, and even Mars too!
  5. The largest of them all, Jupiter! You can see the rocky planets already!
  6. And at last, all the rocky planets are stuffed close together, from left : Kee Onn, Mercury (the small boy), Venus the girl in front, Sun the girl furthest behind, Mars the guy in red, and Earth the guy at the right.

Did you really understood and appreciate the scale of our own home, the solar system? Well now you do!

Apart from that, they also got the chance to check out Chrono’s 100mm refractor and Isaac Low’s mini 76mm Dobsonian Reflector! We provided them with a clear view of the Kajang town :D They also learnt how to use the star chart, and we urged them to go out to stargaze whenever the sky is clear!


moon phases pubFinally, there was ‘homework’ for them – a task to observe and record the phases of the moon for the next month! As their meetings is once a month by school regulations \(=.=v)/ we have to get them interested and occupied until the next meeting. They also have their own Facebook group so its easy to keep in touch.

As I’ll be leaving soon Simpson will be advising this club in the future. All the best for the future of Yu Hua Astronomy Club!

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