Monday, June 11, 2012

The Greatest Show on Earth - Venus Transit

.... is none other than the famed Venus Transit! Occuring in 8-year pairs every 105 years, the recent ones was on 2004 and 2012 - the next one will be on 2117! It's literally a once-in-a-lifetime event!

And by luck I didn't miss out on anything! Got to observe the transit and even photograph it with a self-assembled solar filter on my telescope. 

<- The setup - Orion Astroview 100mm f/6, Canon 550D, self-assembled solar filter and shade. 

Down : An example of the pictures I took during the transit. The small round black dot on the left side is Venus (yes it's that small!) Other black dots are actually sunspots on the sun. 

 Final moments of the Transit of Venus compiled.

^- A compilation of my shots over the course of the eclipse. We never got to observe the starting as our location made the transit started before the Sun rose over our area. Weather was cloudy too, but we managed to observe it!

Is this image worthy to be your computer wallpaper?
Link to original file (~4MB)


 We, the whole Stargazer Society gang went to the National Planetarium to join in their observation activities.

 Many of the public and schools also attended the event! I even see some daycare centres brought their kids too! Gotta love their enthusiasm :-)

Visitors observing the Transit through a                 This is a weird looking setup but it's actually
Meade LX200... this baby is at least worth           quite ingenious! You can see the Sun's image
RM20,000 I presume! Lucky fellows!                  in it!

Below : The Sun's image in the cardboard thing. It was actually reflected from the sunlight through the tube on a small screw. I didn't get to picture the whole setup, the crowd was impatient and too excited!

Over there I was interviewed by a couple of reporters, the one in the picture being a theSun local newspaper reporter. The weird setup on my telescope must've attracted them! The club name and mine appeared in the newspaper but sadly no pictures :-\ 

But in overall, it was a really good experience! 


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