Saturday, May 5, 2012

Supermoon Sidewalk Astronomy at Kajang

In conjunction with the Supermoon phenomenon on May 5th, Simpson and I made a small booth at the Prima Saujana basketball court (where the Stargazers held their first and second stargazing outing) to promote astronomy to the public.

When we set up, Venus was fast sinking through the horizon... we managed to sneak a pic of the crescent Venus as its bright light makes through the turbulent atmosphere.

And here's the fabled Supermoon! Statistically, it's actually just 8% larger than the normal Full Moon size. Sometimes we see the Moon as if it's so big, it's actually an optical illusion of comparing the size of the moon to distant objects in the horizon. This is shot via the telescope under 22.4x magnification, that's why it's so big in this picture!

Simpson showing a neighbour a demonstration of Amateur Telescope Making while Isaac from my tuition centre playing around and having fun with my telescope :-)
 Isaac made this his profile picture. Bear in mind, stargazers woos girls :P
 It was very cloudy on that day...
I liked this picture as it shows me 'camping' around the telescope. Next time I wanna do it like this again, but in a wide, secluded field surrounded by no streetlights, only the starlights accompanying me throughout the night.

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