Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sidewalk Astronomy at Taman Rakyat Klang

By invitation of Mr. Raman in Klang, Simpson and I brave a 1-hour drive to Klang to help out in their 2-days Astronomy programme.

The pictures I took with my phone don't show much, but it's really quite an impressive event complete with LCD projection of documentaries, an astrophotography booths and up to 5 telescope for public viewing!
People lining up behind my scope to get a view of Saturn.
Yeah... that's how you do it. Just don't put your finger in the eyepiece... no, NO!

This has happened quite a few times... not just with children but also adults! Another thing children like to do is to climb the telescope to view in the eyepiece.... my EQ3 is crying inside!
 Some other scopes in the exhibition.
 Featuring my telescope again...! Look at the mass of people eager to get their first glimpse of Saturn the ringed planet!
 Group photo of the telescope in the exhibition. I packed up mine already before so not inside the picture. -,-
All in all it was a very nice event, great job to Mr.Raman and his astronomy club! 

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