Monday, May 21, 2012


Grape-ing is literally translated into 'menganggur' in Bahasa Malaysia, the Malay word for 'unemployed', like round, juicy grapes hanging on the grapevines without nothing else to do in this world.

This will be my last week working and teaching in the tuition centre... time for some well deserved break... of 2 months plus. Haha. It's such a long break. But I reckon it's worth it, I will be using the free time to pursue my astronomy projects, which are : -

 1. Grinding and building a 6 inch f/6.5 Dobsonian Telescope. 

Using Amateur Telescope Making knowledge from Simpson which he learnt from USM's Dr. Chong, I set upon a journey to build a telescope of my own. This is the ingenious grinding table which involves fusing two garbage bins together. It's unexpectedly tidy and neat over at my 'workshop'.

Everything is just right, the shelves, the gentle breeze that blows once in a while, the table at the right height, the solid wood... This will be a nice start. :-)

2. Pipe Water Rocket Launcher

The first launcher was satisfactory... but as an aspiring engineer, there are always improvements to be made! Therefore I present you the Pipe Water Rocket Launcher! Pipe so that it is more portable and less likely to collect soil and grime compared to woodworks.

If possible, there will also be a fitting of a pressure gauge, a rotatable launcher and a pressure release valve so that it can be considered 'research grade' and can be used to do rocket and projectile experiments!

And there are a few more... more trips to dark sky locations to practise my star shooting skills, several events and astronomy conventions to attend... hope I will keep up this momentum! Godspeed!

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