Friday, May 25, 2012


Today marks the end of my 3-month stint as a tuition teacher.

I remembered the first few days being a teacher, it felt weird, teaching the secondary and primary schoolchildren which are younger than my sister and brother. Suddenly, I was pulled back to the world of the secondary syllabuses, and being a teacher of all kinds of subjects - English, Mathematics, Geography, History, Science.

I taught them using the study methods I used when I was in secondary school last time... reading the notes without forgetting the big picture of what's going on - especially in Geography and History. I was pleasantly surprised when one of my Form 1 students actually took an interest to History - according to his sister lol.
My mathematics classses inherited Ms.Lim's fire, I can be damn fierce (and ridiculous, they say) when I spot a small mistake in their workings. 'As a maths students.. you should never get this wrong!' Haha.

The most enjoyable class was in the Standard 6 Science/Maths class actually. Apart from the cute primary syllabuses which studies the planets, seasons, eclipses and constellations, my teaching was made enjoyable by the enthusiasm from a student in the class, Isaac. Already I have 'earmarked' him as a potential leader of the Astronomy Club in the secondary school next time =) Take note Simpson. He is the future president of the club!

I have to end my stint as a teacher as I realised that I still have many other things to do in this precious break in my life. Not just wanting to work my ass off then go to study. There's so many things planned, that if I don't do it now, there's hardly a chance for me to work on it anymore.

So there you go, goodbye ERA!