Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Something to live for

So i heard that the 3rd stargazer society committee has disbanded and a new one took over… time sure flies fast. it’s been like just 5 months since our last outing at bukit tinggi and the 10 dec lunar eclipse.

Working, although will get you food – and in my case, relieve my boredom by gaining some experience and pocket money… it will trap you in a vicious realm of complacence and not doing anything. It’s been long since I had a dark sky trip (to begin with I barely had one anyway –.-) and my grandiose holiday plans all went into nothingness. Therefore i really salute that friend of mine who after 1 plus months of working, steeled his heart, called it quits and rode on gloriously to USM Penang and did his amateur telescope making. As he has planned.

Nevertheless, several events made me burn again this time. Himpunan Teleskop 300 (not himpunan hijau 3.0 a.k.a. bersih 3.0) on 26 may at the hari belia event in Putrajaya. Dr Chong is even going on national television this thursday to present his propaganda. And yours truly… is ‘actively’ recruiting fellow stargazers with telescopes to rally them to join this event to break the world record on most telescopes at an event (current world record 200++)

Coupled with venus transit in june, penang astronomy convention in july, the next few months is going to be exciting! the astronomy fire burns strong in my heart, and i end this post with this fitting song from the epic spring 2012 anime Fate/Zero 2nd season :-

Fate/Zero ED2 from Lee Do-Woon on Vimeo.

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