Monday, April 2, 2012

Food and Roots

A weekend visit back to Kuantan reminded me how my life used to be, through the simple but amazing food that makes me contented and happy.


Not the original HAI PENG in Kemaman but the closest one can get to it. Brings me back to hot Saturday mornings having breakfast at the yellow noodle stall, then following Mum doing errands around Kemaman town (2 hours north of Kuantan) and stopping by for a drink at Hai Peng before going back to Kerteh.


OCEAN market “Bak tong gou” literally white sugar cake. I almost forgot about it until Mum mentioned about the particular stall selling this cake in the market near OCEAN. It’s not like its only found in Kuantan, but Mum said that the Kuantan version is the best as it contains the essence of the ‘bak tong gou’, unlike the others in KL which is chock full with sugary sweetness and nothing else. The secret ingredient, she said, is a dash of coconut wine (fermented coconut juice).


And this stall was our  all-time favourite dessert after lunch – the “lok lok”. Simply choose any food from fishballs, cockles, squids, and many others and dip in boiling water for a while, put some sauce and it’s good to eat! We loved fishballs and squids as kids and this was something like a ‘highlight’ for our weekend excursions to Kuantan. It’s darn pricey now though.

Something is going on my mind now… a pilgrimage back to the East Coast before I leave for studies… should I?

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