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BERSIH posts in Facebook

After BERSIH 3.0 today I was on a writing rage, eager to share my experiences with fellow friends. Here are some of the status updates.

paling kesian dlm bersih 3.0 ialah sabotaj oleh individu2 SB(sahabat buruk/provocaturs) yang memberi pihak polis peluang untuk memburukkan nama bersih 3.0.
namun, 250k rakyat sudahpun turun ke SEKELILING dataran merdeka untuk menuntut pilihanraya yang adil, untuk kita rakyat jelata semua dapat menikmati hak untuk memilih kerajaan dengan cara yang adil. telahpun banyak kali bersih menuntut supayapilihanraya dibersihkan, tapi tidak diendahkan kerajaan, malah diserbu oleh polis yang patut menjaga keselamatan rakyat.
sedarlah.... kalau 250k rakyat malaysia sanggup menggadai petang sabtu rehat di bilik air-kon menonton televisyen untuk membantah di bawah matahari yg panas terik... ini sudah menunjukkan bahawa terdapat sesuatu yang amatlah bermasalah dalam kerajaan kita.
(angka-angka drpd wikipedia)
BERSIH 2007 - 10k - 40k
BERSIH 2011 - 10k - 20k
BERSIH 2012 – 250k

The saddest thing in Bersih 3.0 today is the sabotage by the SB(provocateurs) that caused the authorities to justify using force and making all sorts of videos to discredit Bersih 3.0

Nevertheless, 250k people has already gathered AROUND Dataran Merdeka to rally for a fair and clean election, for something that all citizens should have, for our rights to have a government elected by fair means. Bersih has been making proposals, endorsements, and even rallies for ages but the government is lackadaisical in heeding their advice. The rallygoers are even attacked by the authorities on each Bersih rally.

Wake up! If 250k citizens are willing to give up their nice Saturday watching television in an air-conditioned room in exchange for protesting under the hot sun…. this shows that something is very very wrong with the system.

BERSIH 2007 - 10k - 40k
BERSIH 2011 - 10k - 20k
BERSIH 2012 – 250k

(figures are from wikipedia)

BERSIH : Lesson learnt today :
1. KESABARAN (patience) - although standing in the frontline of the dataran merdeka border at Agro Bank, we maintained our distances until 2.30 p.m. when the rally was declared successful and finished by Dato Ambiga. Then, we left.
2. RASIONAL (rational thinking) - tear gas and water cannon might be fun to some people, but we kept clear of them at all costs so that we can go home in one piece. If you don't provoke the authorities, it is actually quite safe. I kena tear gas is also only because the wind blowed the gas across the streets. (and actually just little bit oni lah :P)
3. TANGGUNGJAWAB (responsibility) - standing in the crowd made me feel small, but also at the same time, the small me contributed to the rally, through shrieking voices, together for a great cause of a fair election to our beloved country, which is the right of every citizen of our beloved country Malaysia. Certainly beats changing my profile picture on facebook.
I'm not trying to state that 'I went to bersih!' or whatsoever. I'm not comparing it to real heroes who brave the batttlefields fighting for their ideals, e.g. Joan d'Arc. I am sharing this purely to let you know that when there's a will, there's a way, there's a PEACEFUL way.

BERSIH : 250 000 people have risked their lives, limbs and bodies today. At that time, we do not know what will happen. We do not know what the FRU will do. We do not know whether we can be home for dinner. All we know is that I, you, and every other citizen of Malaysia are entitled to a government justly elected by us.
We have done our part. What will you do now?

My comments on the police car incident :

Wait and see. If there is really a death, it will surely make the news. If there is really a girl stuck under the car, we can wait until the girl makes a press statement. Then we will know the truth.

The police car was assaulted, again by provocateurs. In the videos most of them who threw things at the police car are those who are wearing white, not blue or yellow. The thug that put the final blow of the stone onto the car is also a SB. Reports are abound that the supporters wanted to catch the provocateur but they escaped.

What caused the FRU to mobilise?

From malaysiakini reports there is a certain individual who provoked the rallygoers into breaking into the Dataran compound, thus causing them to use the FRU.

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