Monday, March 19, 2012

when i’m bored i have to write

Writing gives me a feeling of getting things straight, in order, unlike the messy and random status updates and links in Facebook and such.

So far, life goes on without any major events. The teaching life in the tuition centre opposite my old school – funnily I take my old school bus to work lol. Students are generally friendly and quite helpful – some were a handful though, but still they have the passion to improve and eventually excel. My first brush with tutoring Physics A-Levels is also done, it seems I still have the penchant and the interest for the physics that I’ve learnt in the last 1.5 years.

Few things that got me started though, are the rejection from my applications to a few top universities in the world. It seems that I am not the top top top of the world good enough to get admission and a scholarship lol. However, chances are really slim anyway, and with so many brains in the world.

I have also received several offers from universities around the world so it’s not that my life is over. But what that most significantly affected me is a word from a friend that says ‘College is what you make of it’. I know it’s old and its cliche, but somehow it’s still quite true. Will I enjoy this 4 years of my life if I squeeze my way through a top university with cutthroat competition and competition, or I coast my way through a more laid-back university and pursue my interests with like minded friends that doesn’t worry sharing knowledge with?

Well, come April I’ll have to make a decision, and it’s never easy but still I have options. Ranting over here, getting my thoughts straight, and with a rational mind maketh the decision that will dictate my life from now onwards.

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