Monday, February 27, 2012

There is a rift in Malaysia

There is a rift in Malaysia,
which rose out of greed, hatred and folly.
Created by unscrupulous people,
seeking shortcuts to money, fame and glory.
Supported by misguided citizens,
believing in their honeyed words and stories.
Sustained by ignorant citizens,
basking at home in oblivion of their nation's misery.
Reconciled by the enlightened,
who cares for the future of their country.
For there is no limit to brotherly love,
when we learnt to take off our tinted glasses.
And united we stand against the evil,
as we voice out for our country's future.

There is a rift in Malaysia,
which can be healed with the power of love,
So ask yourself, where do you stand?
The misguided, ignorant or the enlightened?

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