Monday, February 27, 2012

There is a rift in Malaysia

There is a rift in Malaysia,
which rose out of greed, hatred and folly.
Created by unscrupulous people,
seeking shortcuts to money, fame and glory.
Supported by misguided citizens,
believing in their honeyed words and stories.
Sustained by ignorant citizens,
basking at home in oblivion of their nation's misery.
Reconciled by the enlightened,
who cares for the future of their country.
For there is no limit to brotherly love,
when we learnt to take off our tinted glasses.
And united we stand against the evil,
as we voice out for our country's future.

There is a rift in Malaysia,
which can be healed with the power of love,
So ask yourself, where do you stand?
The misguided, ignorant or the enlightened?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sketching at the eyepiece

I read from many astronomy magazines that before the camera costs went down and astrophotography was all the rage... they did sketching. At the eyepiece.

It is an endeavour requiring every bit of attention right up to the final details... while battling eye strain, back pain and the mozzies if you're in the summer, or the cold in the winter.

It goes roughly like this :
Prepare a piece of A4 paper with a circle on it. (Easier to draw your target.)
Use pencil to mark the stars you see in the star cluster.
- for higher quality, they use different pencils for different stars of varying brightness!
Scan the drawing, invert the colours in PS and you're done!

Now's here's some of my fist attempt in astro-sketching... don't bleed your eyes...

This may be my only time at astro-sketching... as I have already gotten the T-ring and found out that I can picture star clusters more beautifully... but who knows?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

One year ago

One year ago, was in the endless labyrinth of what we call the Further Pure Maths. Endless days and endless nights, staying up in bed solving differential equations and further complex numbers and all sorts of arcane mathematics.

One year ago, the Stargazers was still in its infancy, fresh from our first informal outing on the 18th of February ( and the first ‘lying down on the table’ stargazing 101 meeting on the 24th. Was also the first time you came to the club =)

One year ago, when the boundless, routine, stressful and fun college life was taken for granted, spent ranting on homework and Miss Lim and gaming and facebooking and…. It’s still sort of hard to believe, that A-Levels has ended, I’m hitting 20 by 7 months and all reminiscence of school life seemed so distant in the past.

Monday, February 20, 2012


As I gear up to starting my new job tomorrow as assistant in a tuition centre.

As I gear down my previous role as the Stargazer Society ultra-active member (lol) and letting go the handling of the club to the juniors.

As I kept on maintaining my gear on astronomy and spreading the word of astronomy to everyone and anyone interested in the workings of the universe and the science beyond the pretty faces.

As I keep on playing my role as a student, a son, a family member, a friend, a citizen, a human being, a 9gagger, a facebooker, a stargazer, a cosmic being…

These are the things that matter to me, and I serve them as my purposes in life.

Credits to NatGeo photographer – Rhys Logan

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Arrow in the knee

I used to be longing for holidays… and then…

In concerns of scholarship and university applications, my work and travel programme plan took an arrow in the knee. Now I’m left at home with the prospect of a 7 months unemployment. Lol.

Of course, I won’t let that happen so I’ve been hunting around for my ideal job for this holiday period – a tuition teacher. So far, two types of scenarios surfaced : One, the tuition centre is pack-full of teachers and students that the wannabe teacher simply just cannot fit in. Two, the tuition centre is so desolated, there were no requests of Maths or Physics tuition received from students.

One of the main reasons I wanted to be a tuition teacher is that its flexible hours allows for me to somehow still enjoy my holidays without rotting away, make myself free for some astronomy and Stargazer activities. This, a full-time job cannot do. But yeah, if tuition teacher is really not for me… I shall take up any job. Or better, go to Penang and get a job while learning telescope making and running around with those astronomy fellers.

Hope that the holidays turned out well.