Saturday, September 24, 2011

Thank you

I’ve no idea how many times I said this already =) But it really comes deep from the abyss, the ventricle Bundle of His or something like that, from my heart.
First of all a very very thank you to my mum, who at 19 years ago was jolted awake by the fella who want to come out at 1.36 a.m. of all times. Until today the biological clock has not been reset, still in US time zone configuration lol! Thank you for raising me up such that I can be here today as I am now, and I apologize whenever I fought and screamed at you. I always love you Mama. And Papa too faster quit smoking. You said that you will quit on my 7th birthday. Until now!
<< this one last year pic. this year she gigi sakit. get well soon ma!

And a special thanks to this cute girl, one who has been very supportive, helpful and specially awesome and holds a very special place in my heart =)

And of course all my dear members of the Stargazer Society and schoolmates in MCKL!!! and Jordan my brokeback friend (joking) for the ‘thoughtful’ card and the lollipops haha. Just the thing to keep me awake in Maths class!
309181_2252339701100_1026497380_31911651_1995775265_n  Special mention to Bryan of the Council of the Heng Dais®. Now I am conferred with the honour of the Astrologically turned ONN Heng Dai. Usually I will give them an earful for those who confuse astrology with astronomy, but anyway…

<< Here’s Bryan in white. 24092011556
My loot. :D I particularly liked the rocket card from Joy and the Stargazer Society! Even made a desktop background picture out of it…
It’s just too cute! XD
Not forgetting my sister who bought a brownish hair colouring cream. Wonder when shall I try it out ^^V And wishes from my cousins, they’re so cute they write and put in envelopes complete with a used stamp and slip it in the mailbox. Reminds me of this picture :

Finally, I still wanna quote Haruki Murakami, from his best selling novel Norwegian Wood, about being in the last years of your teenager years. Hehe.
Halfway through April Naoko turned 20. She was seven months older than I was, my own birthday being in November. There was something strange about her becoming 20. I. felt as if the only thing that made sense, whether for Naoko or for me, was to keep going back and forth between 18 and 19. After 18 would come 19, and after 19, 18, of course. But she turned 20. And in the autumn, I would do the same. Only the dead stay 17 for ever.
It rained on her birthday. After lectures I bought a cake nearby and took the tram to her flat. “We ought to have a celebration,” I said. I probably would have wanted the same thing if our positions had been reversed. It must be hard to pass your twentieth birthday alone. The tram had been packed and had pitched so wildly that by the time I arrived at Naoko’s room the cake was looking more like the Roman Colosseum than anything else. Still, once I had managed to stand up the 20 candles I had brought along, light them, close the curtains and turn out the lights, we had the makings of a birthday party. Naoko opened a bottle of wine. We drank, had some cake, and enjoyed a simple dinner.
“I don’t know, it’s stupid being 20,” she said. “I’m just not ready. It feels weird. Like somebody’s pushing me from behind.”
“I’ve got seven months to get ready,” I said with a laugh.
“You’re so lucky! Still 19!” said Naoko with a hint of envy.
Thank you everyone. You made my day =)

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