Wednesday, September 7, 2011

November Rain

The unstoppable rhythm of raindrops falling to the ground,

committing mass suicide.

The yellow, mighty bright old sun, cannot do anything,

to counter the dark clouds.

The calendar is nearing the end, gray coats line the gloomy streets,

And when your fears subside, And shadows still remain,

In a cold November rain.

I know its September but the music is just too nice and apt. With all the load of applications, club activities and exams for both sides of the world. It does feel like November, doesn’t it? More so, when you see your former classmates already going to places, universities of their choice, and you are only struggling now. Never lose heart, you tell yourself, but sometimes it can be just too much. Maybe its time for me to crank down my gear a bit, stop daydreaming of ‘awesome’ activities and outing for the club, cos’ I need some time… on my own. lol. I still don’t understand how did I manage 3 outings in the last short semester.

Preparing for another trip to Penang again, on my own.

Tackling the loads of paperwork, on my own.

Sometimes I need some time… on my own,

Everybody needs some time … on their own.

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