Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bubur Lambuk

It was *quite* an ordinary day, was running late for the KTM Komuter for my ride home when I saw mountains of tupperware stacked up in the free space above the train platforms. They were giving out bubur lambuk! It’a a kind of congee with beef I think. The Malays traditionally eat the congee to break fast during Ramadhan, the holy month of Islam  in which

“…participating Muslims refrain from eating, drinking and sexual intimacy with their partners[1] during daylight hours and is intended to teach Muslims about patience, spirituality, humility and submissiveness to God.” –wikipedia

Coincidentally I just mentioned to my sis over dinner that I heard about it a lot of times and would like to try it one day. And she replied, “Bubur Rambut? Yer!” She misheard it as “hair congee”.


The KTM mascot “KOMI” ( I just knew about it today) was giving out the Bubur Lambuks to the passengers. Initially I thought “What a lucky day!”. A while later, our train kept being delayed and time was running. Everyone grew suspicious – “did they meant it for us to buka puasa (break fast) in the train?!” Luckily none of those sorts happen, and although the train was packed like sardines my bowl of bubur lambuk made it through unscathed.


I initially thought of wanting to buka puasa with them and eat the congee at 7.26 p.m., but my stomach was growling so wildly I drank (no spoon supplied) the whole thing once I got into Ma’s car.

It was quite tasty! :D

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