Sunday, June 26, 2011


No use brooding over spilt milk. Weeeee =)

The sky was so clear every night – when I’m having exams, that’s it. After my final paper I went out to stargazing and trained on M6 and M7 but could not get other things. Seems like someone still have much improvement to do. But then again my friend commented that the Sagittarius nebulosity is very rare to be observed in the city…

Its milky way season so take a look at this picture and see what you’ve missed out so far living in hideous concrete jungles you call the city. And despair =)


This one is from Mr. Nigel Choy taken at South Africa. Notice the meteor at the left hand side?


Picture taken from various sources and was in my “downloads” album. Lazy to give acknowledgements, please notify below if you see your stuff in here. Anyway if you put things online they’re supposed to be shared right? =)

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