Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Paradise Lost

Play this video before reading below =)

If at the beginning of life
You have a few routes to choose
One no better from another, equally strong
And after choosing there’s no point of return

The Warrior, brave and bloodthirsty
Or the Archer, master of dexterity
The Mage, skilled in controlling Nature
Or Machinists, who designs to kill

And there’s a whole world for you to explore
Soaring mountains, deep gorges, tunnels and more
And uncharted territories that lies beyond
Waiting for humanity to set foot upon

Plying the roads on your faithful old horse
Under the eternal twilight
Facing danger without fear or remorse
Holding your sword ,you fight -

When each battle is a fight to the death
No time for tests, no time for regrets
Fame and fortune the victor begets
And the loser, well – rots to death

It’s a world where hard work pays off
Where justice and righteousness triumphs over evil
It’s a world where you can be anything you want
Freed from the limitations of societal norms

A world where you can create your own epic
And leave your mark for generations to come
A world when everyone is deemed to be special
And each has a role to play in the world

There’s that concrete jungle in somewhere distant
With walking but soulless inhabitants, their eyes -
Devoid of emotions, they’re lambs to the slaughter
Who will be their saviour?

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