Thursday, June 16, 2011

Once upon a time…



…The Chinese called it the “Sky dog eating the moon”, and Christopher Columbus used this phenomena to trick the Native Americans into believing that he had divinity. Hindus regard it as bad luck, while Muslims acknowledges it as a display of God’s greatness and they conduct special prayers during the eclipse.


The Lunar Eclipse this time, due to clouds above our area, we just managed to see half of the eclipse. This is how it went (for us) :


taken using my crude attempts in afocal photography. We were at the Masjid Negara (National Mosque) where the National Planetarium held this event, complete with sideshows and quizzes. The stars of the telescopes were the 10 inch Maksutovs! One easily costs a car, autofocus not mentioned.


Everyone brought their teles to the event, including Simpson’s… felt bad for not bringing mine. right : the maksutov


Anyway, it was indeed an extraordinary experience, to see the Moon slowly fading away and reappear in an orange coloured hue. I hereby end this post with this amazing picture taken by William Chin and co., they climbed up Mt. Kinabalu just for the eclipse and got this shot of the eclipse with the Milky Way as background!


Here’s to clear skies!

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