Sunday, June 12, 2011


A chance peek outside the window in the early morning, and after two cloudy nights I can finally see the stars! Goes without saying, I rushed down and set up my telescope instantly to the brightest thing I see in the sky. And it’s Jupiter!


As my logbook suggested, I see some thunder flashing around so I decided not to dice with chance and moved back to the porch of my house. Who knows it didn’t rain at all, although Steve got the attention of the morning joggers and they got treated to a view of Jupiter!

This Stellarium picture is something like what I can see from the telescope.


This view is the activation for the legendary scientist Galileo Galilei to support the Heliocentric Solar System Model (where the Earth is theorized to revolve around the sun), opposing the Church’s view of the time which is Earth-centric (Sun and all other stuff revolved around the Earth). Naturally it got him into big water, and despite the scientific evidence showing that heliocentric is the way to go, he was placed under house arrest and is labelled as a heretic. Therefore this view is a classic, a tribute to brave men who stood their ground in spite of everything that are against them.

If you notice that my sketch is a flip of the Stellarium one, it is because yeah, anything that I see in my scope are all plagued with these inversions. Makes it tough for navigation, I’m currently still trying to get the hang of it, upside down eye-hand coordination!

A quick look at Stellarium shows that other than Jupiter, in the early morning show Mars is just below Juno, the Pleiades are out once again, Andromeda is grazing the skies… coupled with the star-studded summer celebrities Scorpio and Sagittarius I can’t help but want to pull an all-nighter one day! 

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