Monday, June 6, 2011

Jump Start

Once in a while everyone needs a jump start in their lives. Like me.

That usually means joining some activity that I don't usually bother, or chancing upon some news/activity that resounds with the soul within. Its basically entropy, where things when left over time they will slowly entangle and  mix and get all stuffy and slow. Once in a while some work need to be done, to rearrange all the things in the bloodstream and in the mind.

My jump start this month is firstly joining the Raleigh Walk 2011 in KL. Quite a refreshing experience to walk the streets of the city in the early hours of the morning, and getting to know more friends and expand my social circles. After a dreadful week of SAT a break is very much needed! But Edexcel thinks otherwise, a few weeks later and its battle time again.

And, along with my plan I think that now is high time to get my telescope already. Hopefully this will be my second jump start to another semester full of clear skies and stars and planets!

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