Friday, May 27, 2011

Revisiting the crossroads

Almost 1 year since I joined A-Levels in MCKL. And it’s 2009 all over again.


Seeing fellow classmates flying away already, to Wisconsin, to Waterloo, you know who-lah… While I’m thinking of where to go, which uni to apply for Fall 2012 intake.

Come to think of it, maybe A-Levels wasn’t the right choice after all.


The reason I gave when involving myself in this, I said to myself, “To keep my choices open, to let me decide what to study then.” Until now, Physics is yeah still my general choice, but which field? Solid state, materials, nuclear, or astrophysics? Recently I contemplated another field of astronautical engineering. It’s about learning specifically how to build systems, vehicles, machines, bases that are in outer space.



The Large Hadron Collider in CERN, Geneva

Or this?


In another note : This was what that was going to be the International Moon Base, as part of the Constellation project by President George Bush. It included ambitious plans to Mars, “and beyond”, making it a stepping stone to conquest of the solar system. Of course, Obama shelved the project. Naturally, it was also my own concern going with the plan to pursue astronautics.

Can’t believe that Bush actually had an idea that I supports. Damn you Obama.

Not many offered this program, often confused with aerospace engineering a.k.a rocket science. And this is very specific, for the likes of me who is a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none. Also I know my own brain wiring system, which is not really flexible – maybe with this degree I can only function in the likes of NASA, JPL, ESA, JAXA, Planetarium negara lol.

Really admire those who, when asked, can state out straight without doubt – “Actuarial Science!” the common Chinese reply.


Chinese for Actuarial Science - 風險管理與精算

Family is not really rich too, typical remedy is to send the eldest to study fields with high pays, so that can help in financing brothers and sisters in tertiary studies too. So am I too idealistic already here? Might as well study Chemical Engineering then follow Pa’s footsteps digging out rotten dinosaur juice.


And things after A-Levels not exactly cheap either. The other reason for A-Levels is “if get good results can get scholarship mah!!” but now not so. Reality has set in, and actually it’s easier to get scholarship at SPM level! No one looking at your uglier Pre-U grades (not my problem….yet) and seeing your extracurriculars. All that mattered in those days are the A+’s. Not to mention JPA Ivy League fund is recently rumoured to be no more, as if Ivy League so easy to get into.

Is it a beeline to USA? Or making my life easier, go with the schools’ UCAS and to UK which is more expensive? Or an ADTP might be more cost-sensible in the long run? Or local universities?


Just for lolz :-


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