Wednesday, May 18, 2011


In days like this e.g. the night before exams, after the preparation, after the checking of stuff, ID and equipment to bring tomorrow, I couldn’t help but wander about the future, and what it holds for me.

Not that I’m being conceited, but before the thought about the world or the evolution of mimosa pudica sp. in 10 years, I have my own self to worry about.

From my experience so far there are quite some end-of-plot sudden twists that happened every other year. The almost 100% decision to ADTP when suddenly it turned 360 degrees to A-Levels at MCKL. The almost 70% Pa’s transfer to overseas that didn’t happen, for a while I thought I would leave Malaysia already and is happily imagining the prospects and experience overseas. The fucking B+ in my SPM Bahasa for (not lan sii lah but just lamenting) No 1 in BM Essay in school, not to mention not a B before SPM. Even the move from my hometown Kerteh to Kajang was quite sudden too, for a while (again) I was imagining cycling to the nearby secondary school everyday.

So, does this hints of a sudden change in my current aim, the United States? Already I have grown up and stop dreaming of Caltech, haha. But if I get a nice score on SAT, I’d allow my dream to go on a little longer :D Exam this round is composed of 4 different ones, Edexcel, SAT, Monbukagakusho(MEXT) and IELTS in July. By some miracle if I were to score good in MEXT and survive the cuts in the interviews, I’d be landing at a Japanese U instead, and save a lot of $$. So the current view is 50% US, 30% UK (cos it’s too damn exp), 5% Japan, others local (Yo Gah Chun). Hmm, I wonder if UM accepts A-Levels ‘cos I really wanna join the fun at the Makmal Fizik Angkasa, though better if I can go in JPL haha.

And when I look back 10 years later, what will I be thinking then?

PS Meanwhile enjoy the song Secret Base ~Kimi ga Kureta mono~ (10 years after Ver.) The lyrics are also meaningful and matches the mood… if you’re interested.

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