Thursday, May 5, 2011


Alert! *very important message*
by CHRONO13 (pseudonym),

I never knew that there was such a syndrome so-called the Further Maths Students Syndrome (FMS) caused by two different viruses called the FUK_FMS and the FMS_FMS virus.

And above all there were three sub-species of them, the Furthermaths students, the fukkermathsstudents, and the fukkenmathsstudents. Ratio, 100:1:10.

Yeah, there are differences.

The furthermathsstudents are those who carry the name tag of the “FMS” syndrome but never really suffered from the symptoms due to the more passive nature of the FMS-FMS virus. They carry the tag but went on relaxing around college, quite active and besides the occasional homework symptoms going on, they go on living their lives like normal college students does.

Yeah, like normal college students does –>

The other type, the fukkermathsstudents are those who carry the FMS Syndrome too. The FUK_FMS virus is a very violent version of the FMS virus, always causing the “Homework” symptom to appear on the inflicted. BUT, their genes have codes that favours more wire production in the frontal lobe so that there are more cores to handle the processes inflicted by the symptom efficiently, so that no matter how severe the symptoms onset, they will dispel and dispose of it in no time. Usual behaviours vary for this group of patients, some may  be extremely active, in the other hand some of them enjoys the symptoms and wants more.

The last type will be the proverbial fukkenmathsstudents. These FUK_FMS patients are the most unfortunate ones – their processor cores are lesser than the fukkermathsstudents, their systems needs more time to activate the mechanism to dispel the symptom and leads to overheating leads to higher resistance in the connection wires leads to increased power loss leads to fatigue leads to accelerated ageing.

The so-called cure named “Practice makes perfect” is actually a myth, you also know from the milk formula advertisment that after certain age in early childhood the no of DHA, RA or whatever A which is the wire connections in your brain, it just keeps on dropping. Most they could manage is to remember past cases, and try to apply it in a new situation.

There is no cure for this disease, however the virus have a usual lifespan of about 1.5 – 2 years. It is known to mainly target adolescents aged 16-20. Method of spreading is usually through the mouth and ears, and groups of higher risk are those Chinese adolescents, and those who are exposed to the Chinese school environment. As the disease subsides, lingering side-effects may include arithmatophobia or the reverse arithmatophilia, accelerated ageing, insomnia or hypersomnia, hikkikomori – syndrome, myopia et cetera. So far no cases of death has been reported, however similar cases like the UET (University Entrance Test) syndrome reported quite an alarming fatality rate.

Please repost this to your loved ones if you care about them, so they are aware of the Further Maths Students Syndrome and have higher chances of avoiding it. ♠

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