Tuesday, May 24, 2011


image5000 pageviews from July 2010 to now!

I started this blog in March 2008 and have never abandoned it since. It is my channel to speak out, rant and… hmm… maybe just for the sake of writing. Sometimes it is a diary, sometimes I imagine it as a column in a great newspaper called the Internet. And once in a while, my so-called poetry instinct wakes up and you can see jumbled up words that rhymes but makes no sense, do bear with it though as sometimes things just have to be let out, once in a while. 

Although I can say that maybe 5% of the pageviews are mine, when I’m Qc-ing my blog, changing themes, or even reading my own posts :D such a narcissist. But still that makes 4750 pageviews over the 10 months, and I owe it to you readers!

Stay tuned for more posts of a little bit of everything, from life as a fukkenmathsstudent, to astronomy, to some make believe poetry, to teh tarik commentaries (accompanied by insomnia), to current issues, et cetera and bla bla bla. Taking your time to follow my blog will tell me that another reader is interested in my writing. Comments are MOST welcomed as that means that you have read my post through and thought about it in your head.

In short, happy reading!