Monday, May 2, 2011


… of the grey matter, of the talents in Malaysia.

We so learnt in geography why people study overseas, “untuk mempelajari teknologi terkini untuk digunakan apabila pulang ke tanah air”, (to learn new, state-of-the-art technology and import it back home sweet home). Apparently this statement needs to be changed. Our brains are leaving, and leaving fast.

Yeah, our level of patriotism is mostly the deciding factor in this problem here. Not helping are the ‘social injustice’ issue which is always quoted, ‘career opportunities’ which is stunted back home, and blah blah…. Some people may miss home so much when they study overseas, until when they got their certs they run home straight away. But, we are mostly taught to stay on as long as possible, even after graduation, to work overseas. Bonus marks for permanent residency.

Tony Pua may ask us to come home and continue the good fight, but many of us see no reason to. I commend his spirit to fight for our nation and the people though. For many of us who aren’t fighters we see no reason to leave the comfy bed to sleep on the cold hard floor.

You may argue that ‘social injustice’ and ‘career opportunities’ are the same overseas as it is back home, since we are immigrants in their land. See the number of people living overseas, 1 million! Seems that there is not a problem, since 3.7% of our population are already living out of the country. And if you are old enough in Malaysia you’ll hear concrete stories of the ‘social injustice’, from your mother, teacher, aunties chit-chat, the Internet or otherwise. In fact many of us already treated it as a fact, set our highest aims to the great world outside, and looked back no more.

Of course, you can switch the perspective crazily inside out and claim that this is our country’s plan, with a feather taken from Showa Japan, for us to conquer the whole world!

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