Tuesday, May 17, 2011


You are here for a reason. By mercy of The Anthropic Principle, if you are here, then there must be a reason why you are here, and therefore you are here for a reason.

Forget that crap. Just remember that you are here for a reason.

Lately I’ve been seeing some people cracking and crumbling lamenting why am I here, what does the world need of me, etc etc etc. I dunno if it’s exam-related or just coming-of-age blues, but it sure makes me feel guilty of leading my currently (largely) worry-free life. By the way I’m human too, and sometimes I also wonder what is the significance of life, etc bla bla bla, those kind of questions only adolescents have the time, energy and the hormones to think about. 

But don’t fret, don’t worry! While you see your peers having a great time playing sports outside, scoring some championships or so, take a look at yourself and you realise that while you are looking out of the window you are playing your piano, with a skill so high that you can even continue playing without paying attention! :D

While you are in front of the computer, viewing some video of a band comprising your classmates and you wonder why aren't you in the fun too. Take a look at your desktop, and you see that tiny little txt document that contains your DIY learning of the C++ programming language. With a subtle reminder of success does not come without hard work, you brought out your programming book and begin constructing the next big thing in computers.

To end this I give you a classic by Liang Popo (Jack Neo, Singaporean director), it’s in Chinese so sorry for those who don’t under, but the melody itself is soothing and somehow gives the feeling of ‘don’t worry, everything’ll be all right’. Enjoy.

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