Sunday, April 3, 2011

Transformation to the w-plane


In conjunction with Ching Ming =.=||| This year’s Ching Ming was somewhat funny as I didn’t went for last year’s due to Kem Ah Gua Village. This time, there was this aunt which is a relative of my cousin sister which just married who followed us up the hill to our grandfather’s grave 11 years old.

The family told us that she was some sort of a ghost whisperer (!). As we were doing our routine prayers, she seems to be ‘chatting’ with ahem, grandpa. What she told us – grandpa ‘said’ that his legs hurt and he wants a walking stick. He also ‘complained’ that my uncle likes to nag at home and told him to cut down ( we have an altar of grandpa at uncle’s house). He also said that our great-grandparents, who are also resting somewhere around the hill, that their ‘houses’ are facing sunlight everyday and he wants an umbrella for them!


I dunno-lah, I’m not into these sort of things. But this makes me wonder what the hell is afterlife actually. Is it a parallel world to ours where, as the title implies, is just a transformation from the reality z-plane to the parallel reality w-plane? We don’t even know that maybe we are actually the afterlife. Or is it a ‘transit house’ as souls are put on the waiting list to the next available ‘slot of life’, i.e. the M-Phase of life?

Haha, enough tokkok, and back to Further Pure Maths 2 it is.

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