Sunday, April 17, 2011

One man’s meat

… is another man’s poison.

I have this friend who was more relaxed and reclusive in nature, you know, those who don’t go for outing with friends, prefer to stay at home and relax and play computer games. There was this time where I teased him about it, saying, ‘You know what? Picture this scenario where the children are playing in the playground in the evening, and there’s this little boy squatting on the ground and drawing circles all by himself. That’s you!”

To which he replied, “No problem ar, if the amount of happiness I gain from drawing circles is equal to the happiness the other children get, then what’s wrong with it? If I joined them and gained less happiness, what’s the point? Better to draw circles if it makes me happier!”

Get it? Every man is different and has his/her own ways, preferences, hobbies, fetishes, etc. You come and ask me – why u like astronomy? what is so good about astronomy? and I will not reply you, because it’s so wonderful, so interesting and so nice to see the cosmos etc. Because we’re not on the same wavelength, anything I explain will turn to white noise in your two antennas. Instead, the better answer is – why u like kepo? what is so good about intruding other people’s business?

Haha, this runs foul of Rule No 1 of gathering new recruits and initiating other astronomy buffs or other followers of your cult. Therefore, this only applies to people who starts the conversation above in a cynical, holier-than-thou tone.

They deserved the reply for not respecting other people’s freedom of choice.

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