Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kick a stone


Today, a once-in-a-blue-moon day where I take the buses home. Rain drops on my umbrella, my shoes have curiously gone squeaky, as I retrace my steps that I once plodded everyday on the way home from school.

I recall playing this game once in a while during this boring walk home – I’ll randomly choose a stone, and kick it all the way home. It wasn’t any easy task, stones are not all round, some are deformed, some too large, some too small. They don’t go where you intend to, and many a time they roll off into the drain. Just like life, where sometimes your share of things are less perfect than others, and they don’t go as you wish.

Turning into that junction, I reach the hardest part to cross of all – a small cement plank covering a drain which I was to cross. Recalled that the stones that made it here, they miraculously never drop off. However in retrospect, it’s simply just that when we recognize danger, we tend to be more careful. The exact opposite happens just before this drain, the long and wide road tempts me to give the stone a good kick and it rolls a parabolic path straight into the drains.

The stones that made it to the finishing line, gets a good bath and is used as paperweight on my shelf. Nothing special, it’s just a memento of the many other stones who sacrificed themselves in the line of duty of accompanying me home. They’re no longer around though, I got rid of them during the last spring clean.

Come to think of it, no wonder my school shoes didn’t last long!

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