Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kafka on the shore

A story where the lines of reality and illusion blends together, where all that is solid turns into air…. image

Nothing like a good story to keep the imagination engine running! I’ve been wanting to buy this book for so long, but the high prices have always made me think otherwise and pushes this title back in my waiting list of books to buy. However I chanced upon the sale in Kinokuniya KLCC the other day, they were offering this Haruki Murakami classic at 25% off. The catch is that you need to buy another book at any price, which was no problem as my sis grabbed a few books too.

A brief synopsis by me : 15 year old runaway Kafka Tamura and 67 years old man who can talk to cats, Nakata seems to have no correlation between them but their paths in life is inexorably intertwined. Thrown into the cauldron is a mystery case of hypnosis before the war, inexplicable rains of tunas and mackerels, a forest that leads to an otherworldly place. And this all revolves around a painting of a boy by the sea, and a song called Kafka by the Shore.

It's been a while since I was trapped in this labyrinth of a story, mesmerised by the smooth flow of events under the pen of Murakami as the story unfolds and like a prank mystery gift, opening one layer just leads to another, but the wrapper gets smaller, and you’re desperately wanting to know what’s waiting for you in the final wrap.

Yeah I’ve finished it, anyone interested to read just holler. And after you read the book, maybe you want to listen to this soundtrack by Key Sounds Label for the anime Clannad – it resonates with some of the feelings in this book, at least that’s what I think :D

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