Saturday, April 9, 2011

The first one

When you know that you are the result of, maybe, an misadventure, an experiment, a lab mouse gone wrong… read on. Otherwise, go away. For this post speaks only to 33% of the world’s population, the pioneers of a new generation in the family.

Woe to us! And with the pioneers always comes the word ‘friction’, much like the pioneer plunge with the opening still unexplored, raw and often resulting in the affair being a messy, bloody one. Everything is a first, an experiment, in good hope that it turned out good. And it usually won’t, unless you are so lucky to have been born to clairvoyants that still, would expect you to carry the family tradition, with friction of course.

But at least you have something to do. For no idea how much of my years was spent sleeping, eating, studying. No chance to explore out of the safety net to find new experiences, and find some calling of your own. Well, no experience is also an experience on its own, and the result – running in circles, going nowhere, going nowhere….

While your parents suddenly just realised that their child won’t have such a high percentage of suddenly falling off a hill from their field trip, or get into a school trip and end up in the headlines, or learn a new language and run to the new country to talk up some girls. Then all hell let loose, and you see your youngers getting some time of their lives which you never had. While you and your parents are negotiating over your college education, how much are you entitled etc., i.e. taking the pioneer step of an education which your parents may have never had. And when you finally get into it, study hard, don’t let them down… and they say you study until crazy, go to sleep you useless kid.

Unless, you are smart enough to live in campus. Sure, the first few days you may get homesick or whatever, but when the reality sets in, you realise that you are as free as a bird, the world is your oyster for the taking. Slowly, your real life story begins to take over, and as you take your first plunge…

Then read this from the beginning again, as a parent.

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