Monday, April 25, 2011

The End of the Beginning

I did it with my own hands – this Thursday will be the last meeting of my club, the MCKL Stargazer Society.

The first incarnation of Stargazers is a rocky one. Last November the idea start stirring around in the heads of the core members including me. The actual plan was to form the club by then and organize some trip to Melaka Planetarium because NASA has an exhibition there, but due to laziness, tardiness and whatever-ness, it failed, the club hasn’t materialize yet just like a baby whose delivery has been postponed.

The December Geminids is the inducer for me to go on fighting for the establishment of the club (actually I forgot about it during the holis :D). And finally on February 10, the club has it’s first meeting at Room 1.9.

As the days gone by, core members started leaving, and from 6 of us 3 remain standing. But luckily we had new members coming in, from my batch and the new batch. Some show real epic enthusiasm, and that’s what kept me going and devising new plans day after day. In total we had 3 club outings, quite a good score for a new club!

And what do you know, the last outing is really epic, nowhere in my mind 6 months ago will I thought of co-hosting an event with a club of another university. Although not going as well as expected, it was definitely a good experience for all the members who came, and we had a kawan club in UNMC now called the Nature Club (hi!). Talks about Nature Club planning to open an astronomy division just adds oil to the fiery, jovial mood.

Not forgetting credits to longtime buddy Tan Simpson, who helped out loads in the first 2 outings, and of course the Geminids shower where he had to go apply a police permit in Balai Polis Kajang! Not mentioning MCKL Stargazer Society, there is actually a para-collegial, organization-less higher entity called the Stargazer’s Society of Klang Valley in which he and us played instrumental roles. Plans for the big SS includes recruiting SMJK Yu Hua  Astronomy Club members… but you know school regulations lar.

Nevertheless, the MCKL club will be back when the next semester starts, and you know what, I have a surprise for you members for our last meeting this sem! :D


SS Star Party 2


SS – UNMC Nature Club Lyrids Watch 2011


Till then, clear skies!

Your president,

Stargazer Society MCKL.

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